About Us

Malasa Mex

Malasa Mex Contract was established in 2020 as a part of the business group, Grupo Malasa along with another 11 companies belonging to it.

The business group founded by the brothers Antonio and Javier Pérez Patiño in 1992 is characterized by being a leader in the manufacture of furniture and elements I wood, metal, glass, and Solid Surface, as well as the fittings on site of these for companies such as Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Mercedes, Mercadona, Tous, among others. Thirty years later, the company has more than 80.000 sqm of facilities distributed between Spain and Mexico.

Grupo Malasa has more than 10 years’ experience in Mexico, however, to offer its customers maximum efficiency and quality in turnkey projects, it was decided to create a new company, an extension of the group, and just like that Malasa Mex Contract came about. This new challenging project, but also ambitious and full o hope, is expected to lead the company over the next few years to create more than 400 jobs.

Malasa Mex Contract relies on the most advanced cutting-edge technology worldwide which allows us to optimize the production process to meet the highest standards of quality and design in each project.

The 19,000 m2 facility installed in Querétaro is confirmed by the best technicians and specialists in the field, offering customers fully personalized services.

Corporate values


We are constantly seeking for the best human and material resources. Our company is equipped with a suitable infrastructure and the most advanced technology, along with a highly qualified team to ensure that we always meet our objectives and milestones.

Commit -ment

Our quality policy is based on exceeding our clients' needs and expectations. We ensure that our products are top quality because processes are carried out accurately, complying with the legal and environmental requisites in the sector.


We provide tight personalized attention for each customer. We follow up all project phases, making a wide range of customized products and services available for each customer.

Corporate policy

The importance of human resources

Malasa Mex Contract dwells on people

We choose to invest in a highly qualified, experienced, and motivated team of professionals. Our team is prepared to face challenging technical projects. We bet on the workers' training and internal promotion, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. We integrate the prevention of occupational risks both in the organization of the company and in the production processes, preventing possibles risks to people in our installations.

Our technology

Our company uses cutting-edge technology to optimize processes

We rely on the most advanced cutting technology and robotics. We have made a strong investment of more than $195M MXN in machinery, giving the company the most advanced technology available worldwide applied to cutting, welding, folding, and painting techniques to cover and improve all the phases of different processes in wood, metal, and glass. We also work with specialized design, production, and budgeting programs which allow us to offer high-quality comprehensive services.