At Malasa Mex Contract we offer a turnkey service regardless of the size of the project. We have extensive experience and a team made up of highly qualified and professional technicians and installers who manage the entire process, guaranteeing the quality of our results, and carrying out the projects in the agreed time. We offer our clients personalized and individualized assistance, involving our company from the beginning of the process in the analysis stage to arranging every aspect of the installation process anywhere in the world.


Once we receive the floorplans, blueprints, and documentation from the client, we define the scope of the project, the materials that will be necessary to carry it out, and the manufacturing details.

Product design

In this stage, we propose different manufacturing alternatives to optimize production costs for the client. Afterward, we would turn these conceptual designs into production plans.

Prototype proposals

We develop and manufacture prototypes for every key model in the project, at 1:1 scale and start a process of approval with close communication with the client. At this stage we’d tweak details and any changes the client determines until the result reaches their quality, aesthetic and functionality standards.


We would proceed and manufacture the elements internally, at our facilities, to have precise control of the production process and provide flexibility to meet the requirements of our clients. During this process, we ensure the best techniques and solutions are implemented, using the latest technology and durable materials.

Assembly & delivery

After we verify each product meets our strict quality standards, our in-house team proceeds to deliver and then assembly each piece in the desired location. They would make sure that every finished product meets the quality standards and time frames agreed with the client.